40 Writing Prompts

You are welcome to all of them.

Josie Klakström
2 min readMay 5, 2022
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It’s been a while! My last writing prompt list was published over a year ago. I’ve been working, but I’ve been keeping a list of writing prompts for me that I’ve still not gotten around to.

  1. Write a short story with yourself as the main character.
  2. Write about the history of an object in your home — where does gum come from?
  3. Write about your commute, or lack of.
  4. Write about forbidden love.
  5. Write about your family secret.
  6. Write about what makes you angry.
  7. Write about what would happen if your favourite fictional character lived in your world.
  8. Review a show or a book you wouldn’t normally watch or read.
  9. Go to church and write about your experience.
  10. Write about what was totally acceptable when you were a child that isn’t now.
  11. Write about your family’s culture.
  12. Write about your party trick.
  13. Explore the theory of being addicted to placebos.
  14. Explain Crypto and how it works.
  15. Write about your favourite book to film or television adaptation.
  16. Write about the history…



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