Carole Baskin’s husband disappeared without a trace in 1997.

Just as lockdown began last year, Tiger King dropped on Netflix and became a hot topic of controversy on the internet. Did Joe Exotic really try to have Carole Baskin killed? Why wasn’t anything being done about the issues surrounding animal welfare in the three parks that were featured? …

A journalist was able to buy a dead man’s spine for $300, so where are your remains really going when you die?

In the mostly unregulated industry of body brokering, thousands of bodies are being donated to companies under the deception that they’re going to be used to further science. However, many loved one’s remains are being used for something far more sinister.

When Megan Hess and Shirley Koch were arrested for…


Escatawpa Jane Doe finally has a name.

A couple of days after Christmas 1977, two men went hunting in the woods near Jackson County, just off Interstate 10, which was still being built. They were looking for game, but instead, they found the remains of a woman who’d been dead between three and four months.

The police…

Marvin Heemeyer built a weapon to flatten anything that stood in his way, and the internet called him a hero.

On Friday the 4th June 2004, a man with a grudge secretly built a death machine out of a bulldozer and went on a rampage around the sleepy town of Granby. The spree lasted over two hours before finally coming to a deadly standstill.

Granby is a small town in…

The musician was bludgeoned to death in his Skid Row loft, but no one has ever been arrested for the crime.

Peter Ivers had a knack for the odd and the curious. A gifted musician, the Harvard Alum had friends in high places, including Harold Ramis, David Lynch, and John Belushi.

The Illinois native moved around during his formative years. With an ill father who eventually died, his mother married a…

20-month-old Asiah was left alone in an apartment while her mother went on a birthday bender with friends.

Verphy Kudi raised her arm to acknowledge the DJ shouting her name and wishing her a happy birthday over the microphone, while she and her friends partied at a nightclub in Elephant and Castle in London.

The 18-year-old didn’t have a care in the world at that moment, nor in…

Over 40 years ago, Dorothy Scott was abducted from outside a hospital, and her case has never been solved.

Pam Head and Conrad Bostron tried to wave down the car careering towards them at UC Irvine Medical Center. Blinded by the headlights, they assumed Dorothy was driving, but they couldn’t be certain. All they knew was that their friend and colleague was not slowing down, and soon the station…

Despite being the ‘holy grail’ of cold cases, she’s still not been identified after nearly 50 years.

The Lady of the Dunes case has puzzled local law enforcement and web sleuths across the globe for the past four decades. However, in 2015, the case was brought to the forefront of popular culture when author Joe Hill believed he saw the woman on screen.

The woman was found…

Josie Klakström

Josie is a freelance journo who writes about true crime, culture and marketing.

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