Infamous Attorney Investigating ‘Tiger King’ Disappearance

24 years after Don Lewis vanished, Alex Spiro is now on the case.


Don Lewis and Carole Baskin via Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Carole married Don just six years before the millionaire vanished in the ‘90s. Back then, police believed he’d crashed into the sea during a flight to Costa Rica, and his body was never recovered.

Don’s children disagree, and they’ve hired Alex Spiro to seek the truth. The attorney, whose clients include Jay-Z, was part of Aaron Hernandez’s defence in 2015, and was also on the prosecution team against serial killer Rodney Alcala.

Spiro is planning to investigate the disappearance, starting with witnesses. According to news sources, Spiro already has a crucial witness in the case.

You can read the full story about Don here.



Josie Klakström

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