My Content is Being Stolen and I’m Sure Yours is Too

I’ve come across a website that is pulling articles from hundreds of Medium writers without permission.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


Guess what? There’s another site up this one doesn’t credit the original writers at all and it’s using Google Ads throughout.

Some of the publications they’re stealing from.

The website is, an aggregator who’s not asking permission to use articles, but they are adding a backlink and citing the author. However, a comb of the articles they’ve taken from me, has shown that I’ve had no backlink clicks from this site.

ILLUMINATION, Evelina Vrabie, Stark Raving, Shannon Ashley, Zulie Rane, Jamie Logie, Rubens Cantuni, The Innovation, P.S. I Love You, Matt Stevenson, Tracey Ford, Avishya Arali, The Ascent, The Startup, Misook Ji, Maya Kosoff, LEVEL Editors, David Leibowitz, Samir Ghosh, Ryan Fan, Jhemmylrut Teng. You all have articles on this website, and I’m guessing none of you gave them permission to use your work.

“But it’s adding read-time to your post, plus an inbound link to your article.” So? It’s not being used with my consent. Without our consent. If people are reading an article on this site, they’re not going to then come to Medium and read the piece again.

What can you do?

Medium has said the below;

As the copyright owner, you need to make a claim against them for copying your work. As there is no contact information on the site, you can do a Whois lookup to find any other information on the site:

You may need to start higher up the food chain, possibly by contacting their DNS registrar, as copyright violation should be against their terms.

Again, we are working to identify and stop this behavior. However, you, as the copyright owner, have much more power than us as an interested third-party, but non-copyright holder.

I’ve contacted the hosting site but it’s obviously too late to pull back any of the traffic this website has taken.

They are using our content without our permission. A lot of it. Not just a few articles here and there — thousands of articles.

There are so many articles on this site, if you find a name that I’ve not tagged above, please do so in the comments.

Josie is a freelance journalist who writes about true crime, lifestyle and marketing.

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