The Disappearance of Mimi Boomhower

One day, the socialite just vanished.

Josie Klakström


Mimi Boomhower via The Charley Project

After days of unanswered calls, Stella Hunter called the police to report her friend missing. When they arrived at the property, the door was locked and all the lights were on, but no one was home. Mimi Boomhower had vanished.

Born in 1901, Mimi Boomhower was a well-known socialite, who frequented Hollywood nightclubs and was seen at all the prestigious events throughout town.

48-year-old Mimi had inherited her late husband’s fortune and lived in their 10 room, Spanish style mansion in the middle of Bel-Air. A big game hunter, who took Mimi on safaris with him, Novice Boomhower was a linoleum magnate, who had died six years earlier.

Mimi appeared to be having financial issues and was beginning to sell her assets. Earlier in the year, she had taken out an equity loan to start a new business in manufacturing folding wooden furniture. The loan was for $5,000 (over $50,000 in 2020) but the new business never came to fruition. She had also begun to sell Novice’s hunting trophies and had recently pawned a $3,000 watch for just $100.

The house was worth $75,000 (nearly $800,000 in 2020), but she was looking to sell it at below market value at $65,000. However, Mimi still wore over $25,000 ($260,000 in 2020) worth of jewellery on a daily basis, so she still owned a substantial amount of assets.

The Bel-Air mansion via Beverly Hills Confidential

17th August

On the sixth anniversary of Novice’s death, Mimi was due to have dinner with her friend, Stella Hunter. After her disappearance, Stella told police that Mimi had cancelled their plans, not citing a reason.

18th August

Mimi visited her business manager, Carl Manugh, in the afternoon and had told him of her evening plans, saying she was meeting a “gentleman” at her home. She told Carl she would call him around 8.30 pm, presumably to tell him about her meeting. Carl assumed it was potentially to do with selling her house.

Later that evening, Mimi received a phone call from a friend, where they…



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