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How courtrooms are using service dogs to help victims of crime.

Walker from Spokane via Facebook

With the news that the Spokane police force is launching a sexual assault helpline, and offering the use of a support dog named Walker, it seemed time to find the other good boys and girls employed by courts to ease victims of crime.

The first case of a courthouse facility dog was reported in 2003 at the King County Courthouse in Seattle, Washington. Jeeter, a white Labrador, was brought in to help two young twin girls testify in a court case against their father.

Karina Holmer was discovered in a dumpster, but only half of her has ever been found.

Boston, Massachusetts in 1996 was a very different city. The Boston Police Department was struggling with youth violence, specifically the use of guns and homicides. The Boston Gun Project Working Group had begun to meet in January 1995, but Operation Ceasefire had only been implemented a year later in January 1996. There were still attacks around the city, but ultimately, the streets were safer, with a significant decline in homicides that year.

Karina Holmer via

Boston was about to become home for Karina Holmer; she’d won $1,500 on a lottery ticket in her native Sweden, enough to get her to America. …

Tristyn Bailey fought for her life until the end.

Just a few weeks ago, thirteen-year-old Tristyn Bailey competed at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Cheerleading with her team, Infinity. The group were triple crown champions who competed across the United States in numerous events, and Tristyn was a crucial part of the team.

Tristyn Bailey via

By all accounts, the teenager from St Johns, Florida, was happy and vivacious, with countless friends and an active social circle. Unfortunately, her life was cut short when her fourteen-year-old classmate stabbed her multiple times for no apparent reason.

Tristyn’s family called emergency services around 10 am on Sunday the 9th of May when…

The story of Arne Johnson: The Devil made me do it.

Photo by Magne on Unsplash

The town of Brookfield, Connecticut, sits close to the New York state border, around an hour’s drive from Hartford. Despite the University of Connecticut’s population projections, the town grew faster than anticipated, and by the early 1980s, nearly 13,000 people were living in the area.

One of these was 19-year-old Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who tried to convince a jury that the Devil made him do it when he killed Alan Bono.

Debbie Glatzel and Arne met in a supermarket in Bridgeport when he was 12, and she was 19. …


Julie Ann Hanson was just 15 years old when she was killed while riding her brother’s bike.

Julie Ann Hanson via Naperville Police Department

The 1970s were a simpler time. Then, doors were left unlocked, people knew their neighbours, and latch-key kids were typical. Julie and her siblings were no different.

The teenager was desperate to attend the local baseball game in Naperville, so she borrowed her brother’s bicycle and left for the pitch. Julie never returned home from the sports game and was reported missing by her parents soon after.

Her body was found in a cornfield near Modaff Road and 87th Street, and the autopsy showed she’d been sexually assaulted and stabbed over 30 times.

Her death shocked the community, “She was…

You’re more likely to find one of his pieces in a yard sale than on eBay.

Bob Ross via

This is the era of being able to interact with your favourite celebrities or even own a bit of them, whether it’s a jewellery collection or clothing brand. Becoming part of a fanbase has never been easier, which is why it’s so strange that Bob Ross’ legacy sits in a warehouse, gathering dust, especially since there’s a market out there for his artwork.

Typing “original Bob Ross painting” into eBay was never going to be a good idea, but it was worth a shot. 549 results came back from the search, and none of them were actual Bob Ross paintings…


Best known for her role as Ducky in The Land Before Time, the little girl was killed by her father.

Judith Barsi via Wikimedia Commons

The daughter of Hungarian immigrants, Judith grew up in Los Angeles, California. Born in 1978, the little girl began her on-screen career at the tender age of five years old.

Managed by Ruth Hansen, Judith picked up minor roles on television, and she appeared in numerous commercials. Her prominent roles, as Thea Brody in Jaws: The Revenge and in Fatal Attraction, made her an up-and-coming star, but her cute voice saw her step perfectly into the role of Ducky in The Land Before Time in 1988.

As Judith began to make money from her acting, she was able to help…

Sylvia Likens endured months of sickening abuse before she was killed by the people who were supposed to look after her.

Sylvia Likens. John Jr Baniszewski and Gertrude Baniszewski. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The autopsy of the sixteen-year-old girl from Indiana read like that of a horror movie. Her skin had receded, and she had open wounds nearly down to the bone. She had endured massive internal injuries, and perhaps worst of all, her abusers had carved “I’M A PROSTITUTE AND PROUD OF IT” into her stomach.

Sylvia Likens had been brutally abused by the woman who promised her parents she’d look after her, and she wasn’t the only one who took part in the torture — there was an entire community of people behind the cruelty.

Sylvia and her sister Jenny were…

We need to rewrite what we know about love.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Most love stories begin with a man and a woman, who start the film disliking each other and then fall in love by the end of the last act. We’ve come to accept this as some kind of disillusioned childhood gospel, and growing up, that feeling we had as she and he kissed and would be together forever became something we wanted to find for ourselves.

But love isn’t everything.

In the moment, sure, we can believe that she and he in the film began their lives together in unison and found that balance of sex and friendship. With their…

20 years on, Patti Ann Adkins’ case is no closer to being solved, despite having a suspect.

Patti Adkins via the Union County Sheriff’s Office

Marcia wasn’t waiting for the phone to go to voicemail anymore, she was now incessantly calling Patti’s cell. She hadn’t spoken to her sister for a week, and she should have been home a few hours ago to pick up her daughter.

What came next sounded like a Hollywood movie script, not everyday Ohio.

29-year-old Patti was a single mother who worked at the Honda factory in Marysville. By 2001, she’d worked at the facility for ten years and had made her way up the chain of command and was now a supervisor on the assembly line.

It was ‘shutdown…

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