In 2013, a rich boy and his friend committed the worst crime, but it wasn’t their first foray into murder.

Dellen Millard via BBC / court exhibit

Sharlene Bosma paced the living room of the home she shared with her husband and daughter in the town of Ancaster in Hamilton, Ontario. Tim had been gone over an hour and her panic was beginning to rise. He’d taken two men out in the Dodge Ram truck they were trying to sell via an online advert, and the trio still hadn’t returned from the test drive.

The whole situation was strange. The pair had told Sharlene they’d been dropped off by a friend but there was no sign of the friend’s car. …

Women on Waves sail the seas to perform terminations in countries where the practice is illegal.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

The topic of abortion is and will always be a contentious subject. Some believe it’s a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body, and others are opposed to the idea of ending a life, no matter how young that life is.

Over 25 countries across the globe have laws against abortion, whatever the circumstance. 37 countries agree that if the mother’s life is at risk from continuing with the pregnancy, it may terminated, so in case of rape or incest the woman has no options. …

An open letter of encouragement.

Photo by mari yer on Unsplash

To the owner of the black cat who sits in my garden,
ever wondered what happens to cat poo, when it’s left to harden?

It sits in the hot sun, and my children want to investigate,
‘why is it white?’ they ask. It’s going to ruin the flower bed at this rate.

On Tuesday, I came home and there were paw prints between my carnations,
your cat is a menace — he’s devastated the foundations.

So, when I tape this flyer to the lamppost, once again,
I wonder if you’re aware that your cat is now a mother hen.


One rule for them, another for us.

The phrase “too rich to jail” is being bandied around more these days, since white-collar crime numbers have begun to rise. According to The New Republic, there’s not been a better time to take up a career in fraud and corruption. Numerous celebrities and affluent members of society have got away with some serious and stupid crimes over the years and have received very little punishment.

Felicity Huffman

Best known for her role in Desperate Housewives, Huffman was charged by the FBI and Attorney’s Office for her involvement in the college entrance exam scandal. …

April Tinsley was abducted and murdered but her case went cold. Three decades later, justice was served.

April Tinsley via Wikipedia

Easter 1988 in Fort Wayne, Indiana was stormy and wet weather was forecast over the weekend. 8-year-old April Tinsley was playing outside with her friends when spots of rain began to fall. She’d left her umbrella at her friend’s house, just around the corner from her own home, and hurried to collect it before the rain got worse. Her friends continued to play but April never returned.

Dinner time came and when April didn’t arrive home to eat, her mother Janet began to worry. She went outside to speak to April’s friends, but they hadn’t seen her in a while…


The Greeley murder was made a priority by a dedicated cold case detective.

Kay Day via Weld County Sheriff’s Office

“For more than 41 years, Kay’s family and friends and the rest of Weld County community have been waiting for the killer to be brought to justice. I am pleased to announce we took a significant step in that direction earlier this week.” — Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams at the press conference.

29-year-old Evelyn Kay Day worked at Aims community college in the business lab division. …

45 years on, will we ever find out who killed Lindy Sue Biechler?

Lindy Sue Biechler via

Lindy had spent that Friday doing what she loved. She’d been tying large ribbons to bunches of poinsettias, getting ready for Christmas in the florist where she worked. Just a few hours later, the young woman would be brutally murdered in her apartment, making her case one of the most frustrating mysteries in true crime history.

Lindy and Phil had married just 15 months earlier in October 1974. They were about to move to a new home, as Lindy was desperate to get a dog and Phil wanted more space to create his artwork at home.

19-year-old Lindy had been…

31 years after the murders, the killers are still free.

Las Cruces Bowl via New Mexico Police Department

Shortly after 8 am, on the 10th of February 1990, police received a call from a distressed child, who claimed she’d been shot in the head. The girl was one of seven who’d been attacked at Las Cruces Bowl that morning and the motive appeared to be money, but was that all?

That Saturday had started like any other. 34-year-old Stephanie Senac was at the bowling alley, getting ready for the busy day ahead, and her daughter Melissa Repass tagged along with her. …

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

Spring is officially here and the thought of warm summer evenings is helping me through the intermittent rainy days we’re experiencing at the moment.

Who caught Operation Varsity Blues on Netflix? I didn’t realise the extent of the issue, and I’m now wondering whether it’s happening here in the UK, with some of the older institutions like Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews.

Here’s what you might have missed this month.

This month’s writer spotlight: S.A. Ozbourne

He Stabbed Her 61 Times Because He Loved Her — The attack on celebrity Mayu Tomita by an obsessed fan. Read more.

He Killed, Dismembered, and Hid his Sister’s Body…

The musician was not the only target on his killer’s list.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono via Wikimedia Commons

When David Bowie stepped out on stage on the 9th of December 1980, there were three empty seats in the front row. He was performing in The Elephant Man at the Booth Theatre on Broadway and the play was only running for another month. Most celebrities had already been to see him in the title role, but his good friend and collaborator John Lennon and his wife were due to watch him perform that night.

John and Yoko never saw the play, and neither did the owner of the third seat, Mark David Chapman.

The Beatles formed in 1960 in…

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